Wheelock Camp

Tobin Harbor

Wheelock Cottage: [NVIC: 50-1172], ISRO Archives.


llen Wheelock maintained a favorable attitude of Isle Royale National Park establishment. Her island property in the Tobin Harbor area is now known as Wheelock Island. Existing on her property at the time of sale was a main cottage, lean-to kitchen, two privies, and a dock. The main cottage was constructed ca. 1916 and later relocated to another island to be used as a fish house. In 1937, Ms. Wheelock conveyed the property to her nephew, Webster Wheelock, so that he might receive a life lease for the property. For reasons unknown, the Wheelocks decide not to go through with the life lease option and sold outright. On April 28, 1939, Wheelock Island was transferred to the U.S. government for a total purchase price of $436.07. All structures including a cottage, privy, and dock were removed shortly after federal purchase.

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