Volunteer-In-Park Agreements (VIPs)



he Cultural Resources Management Plan will address management, preservation, public use, and interpretation of cultural resources within the park. In order to maintain historic structures and sites during the course of the planning effort, and to maintain options during the plan, the park has entered into one-year VIP agreements at historic cabin sites within potential wilderness additions. Some of the volunteer agreements have been issued to family members associated with the properties and some are to other individuals (no family relation) interested in preservation of the sites. The volunteer agreements are issued for specific projects which are designed to maintain historic structures in accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). They have also been issued in order to work with families to document their histories on the island. The volunteer agreements have been utilized at sites where there is a clear benefit to the public (i.e. preserved historic structures) and are not considered permanent arrangements or extensions of leases.


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