Fisher Camp

North Shore

Fisher Cottage: Wolbrink [Sheet 050, Photo D], ISRO Archives.


orthington S. Teleford owned this property between 1916 to 1918 before selling to Edith Coventry (Brown). Coventry then sold the property to Edward A. Fisher in "either the latter part of 1923 or early 1924...". Word of mouth said Fisher was fiercely against the idea of Isle Royale becoming a National Park, but later seemed open to the idea. Fisher opted for a higher purchase price for his island, declining a life lease. The U.S. government purchased Fisher's land on June 25, 1937, for a total sum of $3,307.57. On the land at the time of sale was a main cottage, outdoor toilet, powerhouse, icehouse, and several docks. Fisher also left behind a water/plumbing system and a battery operated electric light system. Today, the island is known as Coventry Island.

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