Fire Towers


Isle Royale Fire Tower Lookout Locations, Isle Royale Institute, 2016.

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hree fire towers exist in designated wilderness areas on Isle Royale. Under the federal work relief programs of the 1930's, CCC enrollees helped to construct some of the wooden era fire towers, however these structures have since been rebuilt. All three structures are now built of metal and range in size from 10 to 65 feet (excluding cabin height). Originally built for fire monitoring, these structures no longer serve that purpose. Occasionally, the towers serve to house backcountry personnel intermittently for short periods of time. The Ojibway Tower additionally serves as an atmospheric monitoring station and communications tower. Although the fire towers are kept locked to visitors at all times, the Feldtmann and Ojibway Towers offer extensive views of the park and distant mainland. Trees currently block the view from the Ishpeming Tower. The fire towers at Isle Royale are not considered historic structures and are not part of any cultural landscape.

Feldtmann Tower

Ishpeming Tower

Ojibway Tower


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